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Where to download the browser to log into the KRAKEN website

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Why you should use a VPN browser to log into Kraken Onion

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If you are thinking about going to the darknet, then you should clearly understand that this is a rather dangerous place, because prohibited goods are usually sold there and therefore law enforcement officers often monitor those who are trying to buy something and catch this violator law. This is why you should always use a VPN to access the website. When using a VPN, your IP changes and it is much more difficult to track you. To enter the darknet, you should use a special program that will automatically hide your location and thereby make your stay on the KRAKEN website safe. Such The program is the TOP browser. You can download it in a regular search engine, simply specify the name, select the first ten sites and download the program. I would also like to give a few recommendations regarding staying safe on the darknet. The fact is that the danger of exposure is high both online and offline, i.e. on the street or wherever you are. Follow the basic rules, for example, don’t go to the darknet when you’re on public transport, don’t leave your phone on when you’re on KRAKEN. In general, don't tell anyone you're on the dark web. The fewer people know about your leisure activities, the safer it will be.

How to properly register on the KRAKEN website?

As already written above, you should use the TOP program to enter, and you should also use a mirror link, for example this http://kraken2trfqodidvlh4aa337cpzfrhdlfldhve5nf7njhumwr7instad.onion, to be sure that you have visited the correct site. And so, the first thing that catches your eye when you go to KRAKEN is the captcha. I think there is no point in explaining what a captcha is, everyone is familiar with it, it is a numeric and alphabetic code that the site requests in order to understand whether you are a real person or a bot. In general, we enter the correct value in the field and we are redirected to registration. The main fields that need to be filled in to register on are nickname, login and password. The most important point here is that you need to come up with some data that will not be associated with you as a person. Look at the names of the stores on the left, for example KARABAS or Aesthetics. It is unlikely that from these names it is clear who is actually behind this store; it is not even clear whether it is a man or a woman. I think you understand the meaning come up with a nickname and login that are as abstract as possible and not tied to you. The password should also be complex enough so that it cannot be easily hacked. Enter all the invented data, enter the captcha again and if everything is done correctly, then we will be redirected to the main page of the KRAKEN website.